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Student Facilities

In 2020, Brush Creek opened Kelly’s Lodge, a 12,000 square foot facility with many new attributes and activity rooms. In the new facility, we have a game room which includes various activities such as ping christian school for troubled teen boys in oklahomapong, foosball table, and other games. Here the students can have some fun and get to know the other boys who have gained appropriate privilege. We use certain activities and rooms as incentives for students to participate and grow within the program. While we know the boys are growing through some difficult situations, we want them to enjoy their time and celebrate their victories!

Another place for student’s free time activity at Kelly’s Lodge is the lounge room. Here they are able to play board games, read books, write letters, work on homework, and watch approved movies at approved times. We believe that after much hard schoolwork and studying, a time of rest and relaxation can help recharge your mind and better prepare you for the next day or week.christian school for troubled teen boys in oklahoma
At Brush Creek, health and fitness is an important aspect of growth. We want you to grow spiritually and mentally! We have recently opened a 250 square feet weight room with new equipment. The gym includes several squat racks, bench press machines, many freeways, dip machines, HIIT equipment, and more. The boys can lift weights during free time and get prepared to excel on the football field, the basketball court, and at life! Athletics and competition help build comradery and sportsmanship.

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During the boy’s free time, we allow them to have some fun by competing in different athletics. A game of pick-up basketball with staff can bring a lot of enjoyment to the day. Here at Brush Creek, we love the great outdoors, and with 900 acres of rolling foothills, we have plenty of space to enjoy. The boys can participate in staff-led hikes where we explore nature and get exercise. Our Outdoor Coordinator will also take them to our on-site campgrounds near spring-fed Brush Creek to enjoy an overnight of camping and bonfires! The creek makes for an excellent swimming hole on hot summer days.

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Campus Photos

Brush Creek Academy is located on a 915-acre ranch setting in northeastern Oklahoma. Our campus sits at the foothills of the Ozark mountains with Brush Creek a beautiful clear flowing stream running through our grounds. On our property, we have opportunities to hike, fish, camp, hunt, swim, and learn archery. Cattle graze through the valleys and the hills and the boys can learn how to care for them and the other animals at Oasis Animal Adventures. Please contact our admissions department to find out more.

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We can also help you in your search for free programs for troubled teens, therapeutic programs, or top boarding schools. Brush Creek Academy is a Christian therapeutic boarding school for troubled teenage boys offering teen counseling for boys with adoption issues (reactive attachment disorders), self-harm (self-mutilation) or cutting, or defiance, depression, post traumatic stress, abuse, and general anxiety. If you have an out of control boy, please think about Brush Creek Academy. If you are searching for residential treatment centers for boys, troubled youth homes, troubled teen schools or troubled teen boarding schools, you have found one. Homes for troubled teens and boarding schools for teens don’t typically offer teen counseling and therapy, but we do. A top therapeutic school, Brush Creek Academy may also be referred to as a “school for troubled teens”. Troubled teen schools and residential treatment programs for teens are often quite costly, but this one of few residential treatment centers and residential schools for teens that is affordable. Brush Creek Academy is an all-boy school that provides troubled pre-teen and teenage boys with counseling and adolescent therapy. It is more relational and helpful long-term than boot camps and military schools. The Christian therapeutic residential school and home for troubled boys serves at-risk teen boys. Let us know if you need help with christian ranches for troubled teenager boys, behavioral boarding schools, therapeutic boarding schools or all-boy therapeutic schools.

Teen Challenge OK Campus for Teen Boys | Brush Creek Academy

Brush Creek Academy ranch provides teen boys and their families with a well-structured program with special tools and resources to thrive.