Brush Creek Academy is a Christian Therapeutic Boarding School for Teens Who are Struggling with Life-Controlling Issues – Christian schools for troubled girls and residential schools for boys.

The mission of Brush Creek Academy is to see the lives of teenagers transformed and families restored. BCA is “Where Change Happens.”


Hello and welcome to Brush Creek Youth Ranch, the adolescent boys program of Teen Challenge of Oklahoma. If you are reading this then chances are you are like so many other parents that have allowed us to care for and mentor their sons. You might have feelings of inadequacy and hopelessness. We here at Brush Creek want you to know that hope abounds and we desire to help you and your son find what you need.

So many times we talk to parents that tell us how they feel their son is going down the wrong path and making such poor choices. We can affirm to you that you are not alone and that hope for success does exist. Here at Brush Creek we have seen what the power of God can do in even the most desperate of situations.

Young men today have so many distractions that draw them away from God’s plan for their life. Whether your son is going to be a construction worker, a doctor or maybe even a minister God has a plan for him to be the best man possible. We want to be a part of helping him get there.

bca-1The staff of Brush Creek are dedicated to pouring themselves into your son’s life. Mentoring and a faith based approach are key ingredients to reaching young men and helping them change their path. Our staff come from across the country to work here because each and everyone of them have a desire to help your son. I encourage you to meet them as you look at the staff section of this website.

Brush Creek Youth Ranch is a 12-15 month residential program where first and foremost we will strive to help your son become all that God desires. This process includes mentoring and biblical counseling, group studies and personal studies, vocational learning and an education in a fully accredited and state board of education recognized school

“Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” – Isaiah 41:10

The spiritual component forms the foundation of the therapeutic program at Brush Creek Academy.  Everything we do, and who we are as individuals, is wrapped up in the spiritual component.  We realize that most students come to us in rebellion against their parents’ faith and their spiritual upbringing. After all, we only accept teens who have had a Christian upbringing, but the only reason they come to us is because they have gotten off track.

bca-3We present our faith and Christian love without compromise, making no apology for the Christian principles we teach. Even so, we never push or force any student to accept what we present, nor shun or punish those who do not. Our desire is to see a a solid faith in Jesus Christ that is “owned” by the student, not one that is forced, faked or contrived. A relationship with Christ formed in this way will last forever, not just until they leave our campus.

Jesus Christ taught us much about service. In following His message, we also desire to see students change their focus from self-centered thinking to an “others-centered” mentality. 

Academic Achievement and Repair of Past Academic Failure

While some therapeutic schools say they cannot mix strong education with therapy, our academic program receives high priority at Brush Creek Academy from day one on. We operate our fully accredited educational program on a year-round schedule. A personalized educational plan is developed for each student, upon which we evaluate and report individual progress on a regular basis.

We require our students to demonstrate mastery, not just a passing grade, before they advance in any subject, so our tutors are often involved to help strengthen knowledge when testing shows a deficit in understanding. In addition to core subjects, students may also work toward repairing past grades (improving their past grade point average) and recovering lost credits, as a second chance to put their educational goals in order.

Family Restoration

Family praying togetherAnother major thrust of our program is that we work to bring hope and healing to the entire family.

While a student is enrolled at Brush Creek Academy, we also spend time working to restore the environment in the home. At the same time that we teach personal responsibility to teens for their own past choices, we are also fully aware that the family environment has a significant impact on teens. Brush Creek Academy strives to give hope and bring restoration to the entire family, not just the student enrolled with us.

Many parents of our teens have tried every possible method to help their teen, without success. Our family program includes elements such as parent coaching, study of the same materials the student is learning, conferences with parents, time with a parent advocate, and phone calls aimed at restoration.

“For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works,
which God prepared in advance for us to do.” – Ephesians 2:10

We want each teen to discover the purpose for which God has uniquely designed him or her. To help students find and develop their strengths, for senior students we offer advanced leadership training.

To find out more about Brush Creek Academy or to begin enrollment, please complete our Inquiry Form.

We look forward to talking to you about how we can help you, your son and your whole family. Our hearts desire goes beyond just impacting your son but restoration of the entire family. May God richly bless you and guide you in your journey to finding hope.

About Our Directors

Erik and Melissa Winston come to Adult and Teen Challenge of Oklahoma from nearby Joplin, Missouri.  They have been married for 15 years and have two children, Malachi and Isaiah.  Erik holds a Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Literature, a Master of Arts in Theological Studies, and a Master of Divinity in Theology and Apologetics.  Melissa holds a Bachelor of Christian Education and a Master of Marriage & Family Therapy.  They have a combined total of 33 years of experience working in youth development, youth ministry, counseling, and education.  Most importantly, they love the Lord and are passionate about teens and families!

Mission Statement

“Bringing Hope to youth, adults, and families by providing Christ-centered programs.”

Here are Brush Creek we strive to individuals and families restored. We firmly believe that the foundational relationship for everyone is that of the child to the parent. We want everything that we do to help make this happen.

Our Core Values

“LIVE Faith”

Loyalty: “Loyal to God, mission, one another”

Integrity: “Right choices before God and man.”

Vision: “Inspired direction.”

Effective: “Producing measurable results.”

FAITH: “Believing God for the impossible.”

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Should you need help finding residential schools for girls, boarding schools therapeutic, teenage boarding schools, or boarding schools therapeutic, please let us know. This boarding school can help your teenage boy who is defiant, breaking laws, or otherwise behaving badly. This sort of acting out is common among teenagers troubled with emotional issues or trauma. Such boys may appear to be arrogant and angry, and simply will not listen to authority figures. If your teen is combative and disobedient, a therapeutic boarding school like this one may be the best solution. Many rebellious teenagers are resistant and antagonistic to change, but their malicious or naughty behavior can be corrected, just as their backsliding ways and unmanageable demeanor. Acting as incorrigible rebels, such disorderly boys intentionally act out of line, lacking self-control. Some unruly teens can become angry and hostile, making trouble for both them and their family. Seeking help for your wayward, noncompliant teenager can be a difficult decision, but the sooner their contentious and insubordinate behavior and transgressions can be curbed, the less lifelong damage will be done. Insolent teens who will not mind their parents and misbehave will be changed here. Wild, undisciplined teenage behavior will become respectful and thoughtful behaviors, and bad-tempered teens will become productive members of society, no matter how far they have gone astray.

Christian Therapeutic Boarding School for Struggling Teens

Brush Creek Academy is a Christian Therapeutic Boarding School for Teens Who are Struggling with Life-Controlling Issues